Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Photography Course and Shades of Pink Poncho and Pom Pom Beanie Reveal!

Hi all, I was planning on posting some pics of a recent trip to the Anitque Centre but after loading photos from the camera and going thru them like crazy and giving up on that post i realised i took the pictures with my phone :/ ohhhh well thats another day or did we really not go there because i am not posting pics ??!! seems a lot of people think you don't do anything if you don't post pics every five seconds on Facebook (yes friends you know who i am talking about) … i was recently accused of being boring (from people who have little children and Facebook) and my reply was 'just because i don't put pics on Facebook saying what my children do every five seconds does not mean we are not doing anything' obviously my 20 and 17 year old didn't do anything as children cause there was no Facebook to prove it lol ahhhhh times have changed and that little statement makes me OLD …. LOL indeed :)

Anyway enough of my humorous whinging ;) My husband gave me the gift of a photography course for my birthday last month and whilst completely out of my comfort zone to attend a class with strangers i must admit it has been the best thing i have ever done (for myself) i have met some great people and I am really enjoying the learning and adding to my knowledge about a hobbie/interest i have had since a very young age and now finally getting the opportunity to pick someones brains about elements i was having trouble with (mainly indoor pics!!) and getting tips on how to improve on what i already do well with and all in a fun/casual atmosphere so much so that i intend to enrol in their landscape course next !

I thought i would share some pics i took whilst wondering around the waterfront with Cooper last week. Nothing out of the ordinary but Cooper won't let you take his photo so the seagulls were my next best option and they are not scared of humans so great for photography practice.

For some reason i like this one just wish i hadn't chopped off the seagulls legs, would have been much better, luckily theres always a next time :)

I made Tuscan Hot Chocolates the other night and with my new indoor/night photography tips managed to get some pics that didn't come up horrendously yellowish… more importantly the hot chocolates were sickeningly delicious !!

I also finished my poncho and matching beanie on Thursday so this is also a taaaaahhhhh daaaaahh post….

Really pleased with the finished result
I used Moda Vera Wool from Spotlight 
The colours came up fabulous together sorry i didn't keep the labels so i don't know what they are.

I found the pattern for the beanie at Delia Creates and the poncho pattern at here

the poncho i added in 10 extra chains at the beginning and few extra rows 
I made this for a one year old.

The hat i added in one extra increase row and two extra rows and two extra band rows.

This is Cooper letting me know he is sick of waiting for me to finish taking pictures of the poncho
and he must be really over it cause he hates getting his photo taken and here he is actually trying to get me to take his picture …. a little bit of progress even if it means having King Pig in the shot :)

I felt Cooper may be ready to try (again) to pose for me so i talked him into putting down the angry bird toys and actually managed to direct him a little to get a few cute pictures … only a few !!

On the cake front I am starting the cake for a 21st Birthday in 2 weeks, the theme is the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Starting the gum paste decorations tomorrow and I am quite excited about this cake, well I will be if it turns out how I imagine …. fingers crossed ;)

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Newcastle Beach, Crochet Shell Stitch Scarf and a Simple Succulent Planting … July in Review

Hi all, not much happening here except trying to keep warm!!!! It was my birthday about two weeks ago and i enjoyed a breakfast out with my two boys Thomas and Cooper… Thomas had just gotten his licence a few days before so he was the driver :) Which of course means he is officially all grown up … not sure what happened to the last 17 years !!??! After breakfast we had a browse through the antique store that the cafe is joined to, always a treat with a 4 year old …. luckily the shop made it through unscathed ;)

This cafe is a quirky/arty family owned business
with great customer service and delicious food and coffee
Vincents in Mayfield, Newcastle 

sorry guys not very flattering pics :/

One of my all time favourite poems on the wall

(not quite sure how the pics fit in with that poem tho??)

some bits and pieces from the antique store next door

started to convince myself i needed a white peacock….
(thats when Thomas said it was time to go …LOL)

Newcastle Beach

Still on the birthday theme my lovely friend Catherine sent me the above gorgeous bouquet of flowers and took me out for lunch at my favourite beachside restaurant "Rustica" a beautiful rustic italian style restaurant overlooking the picturesque  Newcastle Beach. We have been there a number of times now and always order the slow cooked lamb should for two … which is way to much for us but we struggle through cause its sooooooooooooooooooo mouthwateringly fabulous!

was a Frangelico Parfait with salted caramel nuts 
(actually called something more eloquent than that but i can't remember )

Divine !!!

Some more birthday flowers from my husband :)

On a creative note I hadn't been crocheting or creating much of anything lately but i came across this lovely but simple shell stitch scarf on All About Ami and decided to give it a whirl, real happy with the end result and the fact that even I made them in a short amount of time.

Cream alpaca yarn makes a reappearance
i used two strands together to get the nice chunky look.

I purchased these beautiful button from The Wool Shed, Manuka
(In Canberra)

The pattern can be found here at All About Ami

I used some leftover yarn which is an acrylic 12 ply in Raspberry for this one

 My other creative moment this month was this simple and free 
centrepiece for our dining table ….
all i did was use a basket and filled it with little antique terracotta pots, some white ceramic ones and even some shot glasses
and filled them all with random succulents both full plants and cuttings and just fiddled around till it 
all fitted and looked visually pleasing. I think it would look even better if i had some sort of moss
or filler to squish in the gaps. As i had all the supplies already it was a  cheap and easy way of having a green display all the time

Really pleased with the overall look of the plantings here :)

I am in the middle of a crochet poncho for a special little girl, so i will be sharing that asap!

Also Cooper decided he would be happy to wear a beanie (purely because his best friend had one on the other day and not because he thinks my crocheting is fab… but i will take it! lol)
i have been crazily making him a few beanies in different colours whilst the going is good 
will share some pics later in the week :)

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Saturday, July 05, 2014

A Little Winter Weekend Baking…. Cinnamon Scrolls

Hi all, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Cooper and I are still hanging onto our colds unfortunately.

Last week my stepfather, Paul passed away from a massive heart attack so we made a trip to Canberra to be with my mum and attend his funeral. Paul was a lovely person and was great to my brothers and I and more importantly to our mum and will be greatly missed by all of us. He also made beautiful timber furniture which i have been the lucky recipient of over the years, these pieces obviously will have even more sentimental value now…..

The view from my brothers back verandah (excuse the mess etc he is in the middle of renovating, new verandah and back room being added on at the moment ) on the day of Pauls funeral quite fitting i suppose …. desolate and only 2 degrees at 10.30 am when i took this pic very quickly i might add :/

There are mountains out there somewhere !

Paul….  Always in our Hearts …..

on a lighter note

I finally mustered up enough energy to make some chicken and corn soup yesterday and i must day it turned out fantastic and everyone else took advantage of me entering the kitchen so i ended up making some cinnamon scrolls and a batch of sun dried tomato & olive scrolls which seem to be very popular :)

I found the recipe for this Chinese style chicken and corn soup at Not Quite Nigella
and it tastes exactly like chinese restaurant style soup.

The cinnamon scrolls have become very popular here… they do not last long at all 
and so easy to make 

I have been using the recipe from best recipes Cinnamon Rolls 
(recipe #5299)

These are the sun dried tomato and olive scrolls
first attempt at these, one was missing before i could even take a pic !!

I took some more pics this morning in better light 
(well sort of better)

I used the recipe for cheese and bacon rolls from the all recipes site and changed it by

rolling it out  (like when you make the cinnamon scrolls)
and spreading it with tomato paste mixed with italian herbs
sprinkling generously with chopped sun dried tomatoes and black olives
and rolling up and cutting into scrolls 
I also sprinkled a little more of the olives and tomatoes 
and some grated parmesan

The pile has diminished rapidly since taking this pic :)

I had to do a little backyard tidy yesterday so Thomas could mow the lawn
so even tho its winter here and there is not much happening garden wise it's always nice to see a few blooms in the winter morning sunshine …..

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend
I am off to enjoy a bowl of my delicious soup :)

and maybe,
like me you could take the time to 
remember that life is short and to make sure the people you care about know that you do……

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Cute Pink and Green Granny Square Baby Rug Finished…. Finally!!

Hi all, well i hope everyone out there is happy and well. I am actually feeling rather down today with wisdom teeth pain and a head cold … at least i am getting both over with at once, sort of sickness multi tasking i suppose :)

In my last post i stated i would get my pink and green rug assembled and be back in a few days with a tah dah moment. Well for once i actually knuckled down and didn't let myself get sidetracked by cute crochet anything and started join all my adorable puffy flower squares together and i must say i am not unhappy at all.  And the reason my post has taken so long from that statement is …. NO INTERNET !!! omg we have no internet at home… technical difficulties we have it at work of course but i don't have time to blog there … i know, i know life is so cruel ;)

So without further ado……

Tah daaaaaaaaah…

I used pure wool in apple green, pink and vanilla
and i had originally planned on making a single size rug but as time grew on i found it really hard to find the pink ( and i had lost a little enthusiasm for making the squares these flowers squares used quite a bit of yarn!) and so i decided to down size to a cot size which turned out to be a good decision as i just made it to that size with the pink i had and they didn't stock it any more so cot size it is :)

i found the pattern here

I decided not to steam/set my flower squares cause i wanted them to look puffy
( a decision i was soon to learn a lesson from)

That decision was to later haunt me when i put my plain border of granny squares that i did steam on,
not so drastically it was a disaster but not perfect perfect … everyone knows what i mean don't they :)
I am really lucky that the border squares and border rows only slightly ripple and actually looks like i planned it …. yep of course I did…. didn't I?? 

so i have learnt two things whilst making this rug 

1…. buy all the yarn at once
2…. plan design decisions out to the finished product 

so obvious, so simple 
these are my two must abide rules from now on 

 I love love love the colours and i think this is going to make a lovely gift for the next little girl to come along in our circle of friends 

I have decided to put a cotton backing on the rug 
I had these in the cupboard so tossing up whether to use one of them or buy something else

Well thats my not so perfect, perfectly cute handmade with love cot quilt :)

I am linking up for the first time with Daisy Cottage Designs

I am always stalking the crafty blogs and checking out everyones fabulous creations so i thought it was about time i introduced myself (so to speak) and hopefully make a few new friends :)

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend !!

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