Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Smash Cake, Cupcakes and a Little Spring Garden Love

Hello :) …….. what's inspiring me today?…….. Spring !!

A little snippet of the garden today :)
Last week I had to make a Smash Cake for a gorgeous little boy. I really overdid the frosting but i think with smash cake photography the more squishy frosting ( 2 kilos of it !)  the better

I nearly forgot to take some pics of the cake hence the rush job pics before i walked out the door!

I also made some big scones 
( are there any other sort :)

Cooper is right into making cumpcakes
 ( yes cupcakes to the rest of the world)
he loves all the measuring and mixing etc just refuses to eat any

 so obviously I have to eat one…. or two :)

I purchased this magazine whilst at the cake supply store, loads of amazing pictures and all step by step 

These sugar peonies are flawless by Peggy Porschen and how adorable is her store front ??!!

Check out Peggy's Facebook page, it has some gorgeous pics and photos of a couple who flew from
 Hong Kong to have their engagement photos taken there …. so cute and romantic 

More adorable step by step sugar toppers :)

I am off to Canberra for a week then back to get into making those two wedding cakes…
 very exciting :)

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Queen of Hearts Cake, Photography Course Field Trip and a Little Life Pondering…..

Hi all …. well I am feeling a little rejuvenated at the moment, its been a long lack lustre year around here…. its been just over a year since the passing away of our baby, James.
I have to admit the house and gardens here have suffered in what could only be described as the worst year of our lives. Not that a pretty garden or clean house will change anything but I think a pretty garden and clean house is just what is needed around here to get our lives back in order and get us motivated to enjoy life again rather than just going through the motions….

" an angel in the book of life,
wrote down your baby's birth.
whispered as she closed the book
too beautiful for this earth "

                                                      author unknown


So after spending the last week having a big household and garage clean out I am feeling a lot better ( i think) and looking forward to a better year than the last one and what better time to have a big clean out then now… spring is just around the corner here even if it doesn't feel or like it in the least, its still coming …. I know it is I bought some daisies  :)

I thought i would share a few pics or should i say photographs now ;) from my field trip with the photography course gang. We had a brief of what was required on the day such as an example of a slow shutter speed, fast shutter speed, depth of field etc we were not allowed to edit the photos in any way (tho a few people did … yep you know who you are lol). We had a great day taking photos, talking, laughing (lots of laughing) and a nice seaside lunch as well. So even though I didn't want to do the course and I thought I wasn't in the right frame of mind and I felt like I didn't want to meet new people, I think it could have been the best thing my husband has ever pushed me into doing so thank you Joe for pushing me out of my comfort zone …. waaaay out :)

I did edit this photo and changed it into black and white  but didn't hand it in with the my other selections
even though i really liked the way it turned out 

Just a small selection of the days efforts but you get the idea :)

Now for Graces 21st Birthday Cake ….

Queen of Hearts

well after my last post I should have kept my fingers crossed cause we had a huge design disaster when the crown I had made for the top of the cake fell apart mid flight when I went to place it on top of the finished cake!!!
Yes …a disaster :(
so of course I had to rethink and salvage what I could at the last minute, not quite as fabulous as I had
envisioned but the birthday girl was very happy with the finished product

The cake was a vanilla cake with pale pink rosewater buttercream
(all delicious of course)
covered in red fondant 
gumpaste roses, pocket watch, hearts, topper and heart sceptre 

also with feathers and black ribbon accents

and here are a few photographs of our beautiful Miagi for no reason whatsoever :)
I did get a new lens so that was excuse to play around out the back in a little rare afternoon sunshine.

Miagi is proving to be quite the cooperative model when having little test runs 
doesn't hurt that he is a bit on the good looking side either ;)

More cakes to come, on the 10th October I have two to deliver and they couldn't be more different!
One is a two tier white and silver cake with big bow topper and the other a two tier rustic ( no fondant !!) buttercream covered cake with bunting cake topper to be presented on a wooden slab and did i mention I am going to one of these weddings ??!!! A very big day for me…. its all about me of course ;)

Before the wedding cake extravaganza I am heading to Canberra to house/pet sit for my mum for 10 days, a whole lot longer than I like to be away from my home ( oohhh and husband of course) but I thought I should be nice to my mother. Not a brutal place to stay, she lives next door to my brother on his property (she can't trust my brother to feed the animals lol) so Cooper, Thomas and I will be relaxing in the middle of nowhere so I plan to take some of the handmade bits I need to do for the wedding cake orders and of course some crochet to do of a night seeming its still freezing there ( they live an hour away from the snowfields).

On another note I realise my posts have been few and far between so I am trying to get back to posting more regularly. I sort of feel if I can't get into doing a regular post I may as well stop all together ?? but hey maybe I can get back into the swing of things and get motivated to share a bit of my life, moments and what I have been creating again. 
Funnily enough when I started this blog it was because my friend encouraged me to do it cause I was making over all the rooms in the house ( i had never even heard of blogs before this and then i only thought there were home decor blogs it was ages after starting the blog i realised there were craft ones as well as any other topic you can think of!) It didn't take long for me to veer off from posting about my home decor changes to family outings, crafts, crochet and of course cakes and cooking but never fear I hadn't forgotten about my house I just don't post about those as much (if ever anymore). Sometimes I don't even know what theme my blog is when asked, but I have finally settled on ….

"its about me and what I am inspired to do that week " :)

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Photography Course and Shades of Pink Poncho and Pom Pom Beanie Reveal!

Hi all, I was planning on posting some pics of a recent trip to the Anitque Centre but after loading photos from the camera and going thru them like crazy and giving up on that post i realised i took the pictures with my phone :/ ohhhh well thats another day or did we really not go there because i am not posting pics ??!! seems a lot of people think you don't do anything if you don't post pics every five seconds on Facebook (yes friends you know who i am talking about) … i was recently accused of being boring (from people who have little children and Facebook) and my reply was 'just because i don't put pics on Facebook saying what my children do every five seconds does not mean we are not doing anything' obviously my 20 and 17 year old didn't do anything as children cause there was no Facebook to prove it lol ahhhhh times have changed and that little statement makes me OLD …. LOL indeed :)

Anyway enough of my humorous whinging ;) My husband gave me the gift of a photography course for my birthday last month and whilst completely out of my comfort zone to attend a class with strangers i must admit it has been the best thing i have ever done (for myself) i have met some great people and I am really enjoying the learning and adding to my knowledge about a hobbie/interest i have had since a very young age and now finally getting the opportunity to pick someones brains about elements i was having trouble with (mainly indoor pics!!) and getting tips on how to improve on what i already do well with and all in a fun/casual atmosphere so much so that i intend to enrol in their landscape course next !

I thought i would share some pics i took whilst wondering around the waterfront with Cooper last week. Nothing out of the ordinary but Cooper won't let you take his photo so the seagulls were my next best option and they are not scared of humans so great for photography practice.

For some reason i like this one just wish i hadn't chopped off the seagulls legs, would have been much better, luckily theres always a next time :)

I made Tuscan Hot Chocolates the other night and with my new indoor/night photography tips managed to get some pics that didn't come up horrendously yellowish… more importantly the hot chocolates were sickeningly delicious !!

I also finished my poncho and matching beanie on Thursday so this is also a taaaaahhhhh daaaaahh post….

Really pleased with the finished result
I used Moda Vera Wool from Spotlight 
The colours came up fabulous together sorry i didn't keep the labels so i don't know what they are.

I found the pattern for the beanie at Delia Creates and the poncho pattern at here

the poncho i added in 10 extra chains at the beginning and few extra rows 
I made this for a one year old.

The hat i added in one extra increase row and two extra rows and two extra band rows.

This is Cooper letting me know he is sick of waiting for me to finish taking pictures of the poncho
and he must be really over it cause he hates getting his photo taken and here he is actually trying to get me to take his picture …. a little bit of progress even if it means having King Pig in the shot :)

I felt Cooper may be ready to try (again) to pose for me so i talked him into putting down the angry bird toys and actually managed to direct him a little to get a few cute pictures … only a few !!

On the cake front I am starting the cake for a 21st Birthday in 2 weeks, the theme is the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Starting the gum paste decorations tomorrow and I am quite excited about this cake, well I will be if it turns out how I imagine …. fingers crossed ;)

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Newcastle Beach, Crochet Shell Stitch Scarf and a Simple Succulent Planting … July in Review

Hi all, not much happening here except trying to keep warm!!!! It was my birthday about two weeks ago and i enjoyed a breakfast out with my two boys Thomas and Cooper… Thomas had just gotten his licence a few days before so he was the driver :) Which of course means he is officially all grown up … not sure what happened to the last 17 years !!??! After breakfast we had a browse through the antique store that the cafe is joined to, always a treat with a 4 year old …. luckily the shop made it through unscathed ;)

This cafe is a quirky/arty family owned business
with great customer service and delicious food and coffee
Vincents in Mayfield, Newcastle 

sorry guys not very flattering pics :/

One of my all time favourite poems on the wall

(not quite sure how the pics fit in with that poem tho??)

some bits and pieces from the antique store next door

started to convince myself i needed a white peacock….
(thats when Thomas said it was time to go …LOL)

Newcastle Beach

Still on the birthday theme my lovely friend Catherine sent me the above gorgeous bouquet of flowers and took me out for lunch at my favourite beachside restaurant "Rustica" a beautiful rustic italian style restaurant overlooking the picturesque  Newcastle Beach. We have been there a number of times now and always order the slow cooked lamb should for two … which is way to much for us but we struggle through cause its sooooooooooooooooooo mouthwateringly fabulous!

was a Frangelico Parfait with salted caramel nuts 
(actually called something more eloquent than that but i can't remember )

Divine !!!

Some more birthday flowers from my husband :)

On a creative note I hadn't been crocheting or creating much of anything lately but i came across this lovely but simple shell stitch scarf on All About Ami and decided to give it a whirl, real happy with the end result and the fact that even I made them in a short amount of time.

Cream alpaca yarn makes a reappearance
i used two strands together to get the nice chunky look.

I purchased these beautiful button from The Wool Shed, Manuka
(In Canberra)

The pattern can be found here at All About Ami

I used some leftover yarn which is an acrylic 12 ply in Raspberry for this one

 My other creative moment this month was this simple and free 
centrepiece for our dining table ….
all i did was use a basket and filled it with little antique terracotta pots, some white ceramic ones and even some shot glasses
and filled them all with random succulents both full plants and cuttings and just fiddled around till it 
all fitted and looked visually pleasing. I think it would look even better if i had some sort of moss
or filler to squish in the gaps. As i had all the supplies already it was a  cheap and easy way of having a green display all the time

Really pleased with the overall look of the plantings here :)

I am in the middle of a crochet poncho for a special little girl, so i will be sharing that asap!

Also Cooper decided he would be happy to wear a beanie (purely because his best friend had one on the other day and not because he thinks my crocheting is fab… but i will take it! lol)
i have been crazily making him a few beanies in different colours whilst the going is good 
will share some pics later in the week :)

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