Sunday, March 09, 2014

Gorgeous Crochet Bunting and some Family Foreshore Fun

Hi all, keeping it short and simple today :)

We have been trying to take advantage of our fabulous weather before autumn really starts... lots of park trips, picnics, walks along the beach and just a little swimming :/ so we have been trying to do something each day which is sometimes easier said than done but well worth it once you get out and about...

Newcastle Harbour
late afternoon before the storm hits


if these four pics are not pure happiness I don't know what is !!

ok so now for a little crochet time :)
obviously bunting is not new to anyone but I love this variation on the normal plain triangular style.
I made these in colours to compliment the birdhouse wall hangings I made recently
all of which are available in my made it store
I made them with the same Sugar n Cream cotton yarn...loving the colour combinations!

This one I made with Alpaca yarn for that neutral look

this one was a gift but I am now thinking I will make one for myself as well :)
I found the pattern here

Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying as much of the last of summer weather as we are :)
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Clarissa xo

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Monte Carlos, Lemon Cream Biscuits, Jam Drops oh and a Crochet Dishcloth of course


Hi all, well it's Autumn here and today certainly looks and feels like it! Rain, wind and quite a bit cooler than a few days ago. I have been baking some gluten free treats for Catherine (and myself :/) but mainly for Catherine who needed a little cheering up, I was going to go with flowers but sometimes you just need a little comfort food and for anyone who knows Catherine knows she loves a treat with her cup of tea so hence the bake fest :) you can meet Catherine over at Songbirds & Sirens
I thought I would share seeming as they look as good as they tasted ...

and some
Lemon Cream Biscuits
Jam Drops
And of course I had to sneak in a little bit of crochet so I also
whipped a simple dishcloth to add in with the biscuits
I found the pattern at  Bubblegirl Knit & Crochet


I changed the vanilla cream in some of the monte carlos to the lemon cream....yummy!!
Raspberries and lemon, can't go wrong there :)


Have a great Sunday!
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Clarissa xo

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Little Weekend Family Time

Hi all, thought I would share a little weekend family time for a change of pace :)
Fun in the sun with Dad at the local pool which now has this fabulous kiddies water park .... by the way that water is unbelievably cold!!!!
Breakfast is served :)
That is pomegranate tea!!

I made some yummy brownies

Cooper wanted to do some painting, something he never ever asks to do and actually did it for quite a while, which is still confusing me lol

A walk and an explore along the beach

Due to work commitments our weekends are  Mondays and Tuesdays at the moment
so we are getting uncrowded family time at the beach which is always nice :)
Hope everyone is having a great week as well!!
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Clarissa xo

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Neutral Crochet Boot Cuffs, Wrist Warmers and Shawl perhaps Scarf???

Hi all, well i have been getting my "neutral " on here over the last few weeks randomly making a few little bits that i have been wanting to make, such as these cute boot cuffs

I found the free pattern Domestic Bliss Squared

it is summer here so it was an effort to put on the jeans and boots but they are totally cute ..the cuffs not the jeans ;) and on top of that my jeans do still fit… ok ok a little tight around the tummy but i can do them up lol

These simple wrist warmers 
Unlike my tummy my wrists are very thin… so i could have made these a little narrower
as they are little big width ways but still wearable i am going to make some more of these for sure :)

you can find the free pattern here

While i was using this off white natural yarn i made up one of the slouchy style hats just for fun in a toddler size it's cute but not as "slouchy" as the adult size as i stopped earlier still cute but would definitely add in a few more rows to keep that slouchy look

you can see my adult one in brown fleck alpaca yarn here

This shawl i have had on my "to do" list for a while and finally decided to give it a go
i just get turned off by all the counting etc with this sort of pattern even though i do love the more intricate designs this is probably as intricate as i will get :/

I must say it was an extremely easy to follow pattern (even for me) just a repetition of 7 rows

 (there's always a but lol)
if you do click on the link to check out the pattern mine looks nothing like the picture
the main reason being i did one flower cluster in the wrong stitch but i did it in every one so at least i was consistent :/
so instead of a nice drapey look mine is straight across, i also added in the 3 rows of hdc 
can't quite remember why now but i did…
last night i considered unravelling it and starting again but i just can't bring myself to,
so today i used my mannequin to trial a few looks with it as a scarf…
i think it works ????? 
though i may just be trying to convince my self so i don't have to unravel hours of work

I found the pattern on craftsy
it's called Flowering Herb Shawl by Universal Yarn
it was possibly a freebie but not sure

All of these projects have been made with natural 100% Alpaca Yarn

Well i do manage to get a lot done after dinner :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

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Clarissa xo

Friday, February 14, 2014

Crochet Valentines Heart and Birdhouse Do -Over

I found this lovely heart pattern a while back and have been using it to make a garland… for no particular reason. You can find the pattern here at Cherry Heart …

I also re made the failed birdhouse from my last post, I couldn't really come up with anything that i liked so i am sticking with my original design/idea. I am hoping to get around to putting some of these and a few of the chunky cowls in my Made It store soon… which by the way has 15% off at the moment to make way for some of these new items :)

ahhhhh so much better !

Thank you for stopping by

Have a LOVEly day

Clarissa xo

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Crochet Birdhouse Garland/Wall Hanging with Flowers and Hearts

Hi all, well i have been having a little fun the last few nights making up these cute, simple birdhouse wall hangings or garland i suppose. I had seen a few lovely ones when googling crochet bits but couldn't find a pattern so i have just made these up as i went along and i must say i am pretty pleased with myself and the fabulous Sugar n Cream cotton yarn …. beautiful to work with and fabulous, fun colours too.

I made up the birdhouse etc as i went along except for the heart which you can find at Little Birdie Secrets and the little white flower is something i wrote down on a piece of paper a long while back when i first rediscovered crocheting (i wrote the pattern down but not the website) so i apologise to whoever created it but it does look cute on my birdhouse … so thank you :)

I used Sugar n Cream 100% Cotton Yarn
Robins Egg Blue
Hot Pink 
for this cute creation
Which has already been given away!!

I am loving this a little !!!

Some Variations 

The green is Sugar n Creams Hot Green

I suppose no one ever puts their "i think i failed creations" out there but i am doing just that today cause i think the idea is a good one i just didn't make it happen as fabulously as i planned…..  with this one i was attempting to get the birdhouse to look three dimensional it sort of worked
cause it does sit out from the wall at the sides about a centimetre but from the front you lose the contrast border and a little of the cuteness the previous two have … perhaps it's a half fail cause the colours and the little owl are adorable, perhaps it's a "back to the drawing board" creation ?? :)

(the owl pattern is not my own but can be found at Love The Blue Bird )

The side view shows what i was trying to achieve but i feel that even though that looks fine, the front view has lost what i like about the other ones, i am sure there is a simple solution staring me in the face …probably come to me at about 3 am :/

I think the owl is so adorable and it was sooo easy to make which is always great.

I will be unravelling this one and starting again cause the more i look at it the more it's bugging me..

let's look at this one again instead...

aaahhh that's better ;)

So that's what i have been up to the last few evenings.

Thank you for stopping by

Clarissa xo