Friday, June 27, 2014

Cute Pink and Green Granny Square Baby Rug Finished…. Finally!!

Hi all, well i hope everyone out there is happy and well. I am actually feeling rather down today with wisdom teeth pain and a head cold … at least i am getting both over with at once, sort of sickness multi tasking i suppose :)

In my last post i stated i would get my pink and green rug assembled and be back in a few days with a tah dah moment. Well for once i actually knuckled down and didn't let myself get sidetracked by cute crochet anything and started join all my adorable puffy flower squares together and i must say i am not unhappy at all.  And the reason my post has taken so long from that statement is …. NO INTERNET !!! omg we have no internet at home… technical difficulties we have it at work of course but i don't have time to blog there … i know, i know life is so cruel ;)

So without further ado……

Tah daaaaaaaaah…

I used pure wool in apple green, pink and vanilla
and i had originally planned on making a single size rug but as time grew on i found it really hard to find the pink ( and i had lost a little enthusiasm for making the squares these flowers squares used quite a bit of yarn!) and so i decided to down size to a cot size which turned out to be a good decision as i just made it to that size with the pink i had and they didn't stock it any more so cot size it is :)

i found the pattern here

I decided not to steam/set my flower squares cause i wanted them to look puffy
( a decision i was soon to learn a lesson from)

That decision was to later haunt me when i put my plain border of granny squares that i did steam on,
not so drastically it was a disaster but not perfect perfect … everyone knows what i mean don't they :)
I am really lucky that the border squares and border rows only slightly ripple and actually looks like i planned it …. yep of course I did…. didn't I?? 

so i have learnt two things whilst making this rug 

1…. buy all the yarn at once
2…. plan design decisions out to the finished product 

so obvious, so simple 
these are my two must abide rules from now on 

 I love love love the colours and i think this is going to make a lovely gift for the next little girl to come along in our circle of friends 

I have decided to put a cotton backing on the rug 
I had these in the cupboard so tossing up whether to use one of them or buy something else

Well thats my not so perfect, perfectly cute handmade with love cot quilt :)

I am linking up for the first time with Daisy Cottage Designs

I am always stalking the crafty blogs and checking out everyones fabulous creations so i thought it was about time i introduced myself (so to speak) and hopefully make a few new friends :)

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend !!

Thank you for stopping by

Clarissa xo


  1. Great job! This turned out so cute. I learned the lesson about buying the yarn all at once the hard way, too!

    1. Thanks Robbie :) next time I will probably over buy! Clarissa xo