Monday, July 21, 2014

Newcastle Beach, Crochet Shell Stitch Scarf and a Simple Succulent Planting … July in Review

Hi all, not much happening here except trying to keep warm!!!! It was my birthday about two weeks ago and i enjoyed a breakfast out with my two boys Thomas and Cooper… Thomas had just gotten his licence a few days before so he was the driver :) Which of course means he is officially all grown up … not sure what happened to the last 17 years !!??! After breakfast we had a browse through the antique store that the cafe is joined to, always a treat with a 4 year old …. luckily the shop made it through unscathed ;)

This cafe is a quirky/arty family owned business
with great customer service and delicious food and coffee
Vincents in Mayfield, Newcastle 

sorry guys not very flattering pics :/

One of my all time favourite poems on the wall

(not quite sure how the pics fit in with that poem tho??)

some bits and pieces from the antique store next door

started to convince myself i needed a white peacock….
(thats when Thomas said it was time to go …LOL)

Newcastle Beach

Still on the birthday theme my lovely friend Catherine sent me the above gorgeous bouquet of flowers and took me out for lunch at my favourite beachside restaurant "Rustica" a beautiful rustic italian style restaurant overlooking the picturesque  Newcastle Beach. We have been there a number of times now and always order the slow cooked lamb should for two … which is way to much for us but we struggle through cause its sooooooooooooooooooo mouthwateringly fabulous!

was a Frangelico Parfait with salted caramel nuts 
(actually called something more eloquent than that but i can't remember )

Divine !!!

Some more birthday flowers from my husband :)

On a creative note I hadn't been crocheting or creating much of anything lately but i came across this lovely but simple shell stitch scarf on All About Ami and decided to give it a whirl, real happy with the end result and the fact that even I made them in a short amount of time.

Cream alpaca yarn makes a reappearance
i used two strands together to get the nice chunky look.

I purchased these beautiful button from The Wool Shed, Manuka
(In Canberra)

The pattern can be found here at All About Ami

I used some leftover yarn which is an acrylic 12 ply in Raspberry for this one

 My other creative moment this month was this simple and free 
centrepiece for our dining table ….
all i did was use a basket and filled it with little antique terracotta pots, some white ceramic ones and even some shot glasses
and filled them all with random succulents both full plants and cuttings and just fiddled around till it 
all fitted and looked visually pleasing. I think it would look even better if i had some sort of moss
or filler to squish in the gaps. As i had all the supplies already it was a  cheap and easy way of having a green display all the time

Really pleased with the overall look of the plantings here :)

I am in the middle of a crochet poncho for a special little girl, so i will be sharing that asap!

Also Cooper decided he would be happy to wear a beanie (purely because his best friend had one on the other day and not because he thinks my crocheting is fab… but i will take it! lol)
i have been crazily making him a few beanies in different colours whilst the going is good 
will share some pics later in the week :)

Thank you for stopping by

Clarissa xo


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday. And such handsome young men to share it with. Hope you have a great week